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It's a very personal and conscientious decision that we made not to vaccinate Jason. Being his mom, I know what is best for my  little guy and of course, I have his well being in mind. We came to the conclusion that the likelihood of him having an adverse reaction to something they injected him with was far more likely than him catching one of these diseases and having a permanent disability from it.
Why I don't vaccinate my son by Mj and Jason Fisher
Here is some information about Vaccines that every parent should know before injecting yourself or your children with it.
They contain several toxic chemicals and disturbing ingredients such as formaldehyde, aluminum, thimerosal mercury, hydrochloric acid, aborted fetus tissue (MRC-5 cellular protein), human DNA, human serum, egg albumin, bovine serum (cow), sodium borate (borax, pesticide), gelatin, lactose, MSG, phenol, sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride (table salt), and Sucrose (table sugar). These ingredients I have listed are in the most common vaccines given to infants/chilren.
Definitions of some of the Ingredients:
*Serum or albumin - a protein found in blood plasma
*Hydrochloric acid - The mist and the solution have a corrosive effect on human tissue, with the potential to damage respiratory organs, eyes, skin, and intestines.
*Phenol - The substance may cause harmful effects on the central nervous system and heart, resulting in dysrhythmia, seizures, and coma.
Solid sodium hydroxide or solutions of sodium hydroxide may cause chemical burns, permanent injury or scarring if it contacts unprotected human, or other animal, tissue.
Link from the CDC that shows all the ingredients in every vaccine. If you don't know what it means, then Google it. You should know what you are injecting into your child.
Link for more information on the aborted fetus tissue (CDC did have information on this but the web page is currently down, I wonder why?)
They are not effective as they want you to think. You can still get the diseases even with the vaccines. The recent whooping cough (pertussis) outbreak that happened in New York, 100% of the people/children who got whooping cough WERE RECENTLY VACCINATED for it. Here is the quote,"According to Suffolk health officials, all those affected had been immunized in the past, but immunizations are not 100 percent effective." Wow, that is just AMAZING to me. So that means that not ONE unvaccinated child got the disease during the "outbreak" but they are the ones who are dangerous? I don't think so. The flu shot states on the package insert, "there have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenze disease after vaccination with FLULAVAL."  It also states, "Safety and effectiveness of FLULAVAL have not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers, or children" But yet they push children, pregnant women and elderly to get the vaccine yearly even though it hasn't even been tested for effectiveness or safety.
Link to the article about New York's whooping cough outbreak
Link to the package insert for FLULAVAL
I have heard many times from the CDC that adverse reactions are rare. They are not as rare as they want you to believe. You can search the VEARS database (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). You can select any vaccine for any year and it shows you reports that people have made about them and what issues they cause. Those are just the reposted incidences and many of them go unreported or the parent don't even know that vaccines are the cause of their childs behavior, health issues or mental problems.  There are "bad" batches of vaccines that harm groups of people who got the batch. There is no way to test the batch to see if its a good or bad one before injecting it into someone.
The package insert (the paper that comes with the vaccines, like they have for all medications) for the DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, & pertussis) vaccine states, "Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea." They just admitted that the DTaP shot can cause SIDS & AUTISM!! Google some of the other syptoms and it will shock you! How many parents actually read the package inserts that come with the vaccines? How many parents are given the package insert to read from the doctor before injecting your child with the vaccine? I have NEVER received one or know anyone who has!
From the CDC:
DTaP MODERATE PROBLEMS include; Seizure (jerking or staring), Non-stop crying for 3 hours or more, high fever 105 degrees or higher. Those are Moderate? I think Not! Here are the SEVERE Problems: Long term seizures, coma or lowered consciousness and/or permanent brain damage. They forgot to also include DEATH! Lets do this again but for the MMR vaccine; Moderate Problems: seizure (jerking or staring), temporary pain and stiffness, temporary low platelet count (which can cause a bleeding disorder). Here are the Severe Problems: serious allergic reaction, deafness, long-term seizures, coma or lowered consciousness, permanent brain damage. Those "problems" sound way worse then any side effect of the actual disease!
Link to the VAERS website
Link to the vaccine side-effects from the CDC
If you happen to be allergic to eggs and get injected with a vaccine that contains eggs such as the flu shot, then you can have a serious allergic reaction to the vaccine and have seizures, convulsions, brain damage, and/or DEATH! You would think that the doctor would make sure you are not allergic to anything inside the vaccines before injecting them into your body, but they don't. Have you ever been tested to make sure you weren't allergic to anything inside of them? Everyone's body is different and it should be treated that way. Vaccines should not be one size fits all kind of thing.
Link to the package inserts for the most common used vaccines
Link to the DTaP package insert, page 11 has the statement about SIDS
If vaccines didn't cause issues then why is there a federal program called the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that has paid out BILLIONS to people that have had their family members harmed by or dead from vaccines since the 80's. Government program has been quietly paying awards to vaccine-injured children with autism and brain damage for two decades but continues to deny vaccine-autism link. Interesting! A Doctor/Mother received payments from the government for the vaccine induced autism her son has from a vaccine. She has received millions of dollars in annuity payments from the government. She was told to keep quiet or they would stop paying her the annuity payments. Her son is now in a home because he needs around the clock care.
Fox News Video Interview with the doctor/mother who was paid from government
Links to article
Link to the National Vaccine Compensation Program (NVIC)
Doctors make money from vaccines. They get commission, bonuses, and the money for the actual exam each time you walk through the door. They get paid from pharmaceutical companies who pay them to prescribe their drugs to patients. They also probably believe since they were taught the same curriculum that vaccines are safe and they are doing more good then bad. I have heard several nurses tell me that vaccines DO NOT contain aborted fetus tissues, when that is clearly a lie, the CDC's website says so themselves. Seems like maybe they need to do some research on their own and not believe what people tell them or what they read in their text books. On Dr.Sears website, he has stated, "I've always wondered why so many doctors are so adamantly hardcore about demanding all their patients fully vaccinate, and why they kick patients out of their office who refuse. I'd always just assumed it was because the doctors felt that the vaccine protection was so important that they don't want any children to be at risk, so they draw a line in the sand for the good of the child (in their minds). BUT some doctors, especially those large groups who rely heavily on large HMO contracts, may actually be doing this because of money. Do they have the right to do so? Of course. But is it right? I don't know. The American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Bioethics makes it very clear that the official AAP policy is that doctors NOT kick patients out of their office over this issue. But when money talks, some people don't listen."
Link to this article from Dr. Sears
If you have your baby in a hospital, we didnt, the doctors all use scare tactics to push you into getting the vaccines. They tell you if you don't get the Hep B in the hospital that CPS will come talk to you about it. Some cases that is true, but they just ask you why and that's it, case closed. Unless they have a reason to open a case against you for another issue. They have to invetsigate every case reported to CPS no matter what the issue is.
They also tell you that your child CANNOT attend school without vaccines. This amazes me that they say this because it is completely FALSE! Every state has exemptions. There are religious, medical and/or philosophical. Look into what your state exemption laws are. I can order my sons exemption forms for school online for FREE! My child will not have any problems at all going to public school. Even if that were the case and my child couldn't attend public school for being unvaccinated then I would home school him. If I also lived in a state with no exemptions that applied to me, I would move to a different one. You have to do what is necessary to protect our children. Its another scare tactic they use to push people to vaccinate.
Click here to get your exemption form/letter for the state of California 
This is the first vaccine your baby gets hours after being born and it's for a sexually transmitted disease. It is spread through sexual activity or sharing needles from someone infected. I don't know about you, but I'm 100% sure that my newborn baby would not even come close to either of those things. For the past three or four years our school districts have noted a significant increase in the number of children entering school with developmental disorders, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders and/or serious chronic illness such as diabetes, asthma and seizure disorders. Each of the past four years has been worse than the year before. There is only one common thread we have been able to identify in these children: they are the children who received the first trial hepatitis B injections as newborns in the early 1990s.
If you or your child were to get any of these diseases, the odds of you actually dying from the disease is small. Millions of people have had polio, mumps, chicken pox, pertussis (whooping cough), and have recovered 100% and live normal lives and now have natural lifelong immunity to some of those diseases. Some people didn't even know that they had the disease while infected. A small handful actually have damage or die from the disease. It depends on your body and what your immune system can handle. Someone can get whooping cough and it was less severe than the flu for them. It makes you wonder what other underlying heath problems did the people have that did die from one of these diseases? Did they take care of their bodies and were they healthy, breastfed, or living in poor conditions?
They say that vaccines "wiped out" some diseases like Polio & Smallpox. That is also not true. There are several graphs and charts that show these diseases were already declining before the vaccines were ever introduced to the public. These diseases have gone down because we have better sanitation, hygiene, know how to cook food properly, ect. We do not "do our business" in outhouses or buckets, we wash our hands, have clean drinking water and know how these disease are contacted and do our best to keep away from them.
Here is the link to the website showing these charts
The best way to fight against diseases and illnesses is to boost your immune system ( breastfeeding your baby and extended breastfeeding ) and stay healthy mentally and physically. Eat fruits and veggies, drink a lot of water, take vitamins and minerals, exercise and have a good mental attitude! Stay away from sick people and was your hands. All those disease can be preventable. Your body can do amazing things but it has to be in the best shape to do them.
In 1975 Japan raised the minimum age for infant vaccinations to 2 years. As a result, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or, crib death) and infant convulsions virtually disappeared. In the 80's, Japan lowered the minimum age back down to 3 months and the rate of SIDS returned to previous levels.
According to the U.S. National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (est.1986): To qualify for compensation, the adverse effects of vaccination must occur within four hours of receiving the vaccine. Despite this extremely severe limitation, as of February 28, 1998 compensatory payments have totaled $871,800,000.00. This figure is even more alarming when it is revealed that only ONE IN FOUR claimants were awarded compensation. (That number has increased to over 2 billion as of 2010)
In 1950 (before mass immunizations began), the USA had the third lowest infant mortality rate in the world. By 1986, the USA dropped to 17th place. In 1995 the USA dropped to 23rd and now the USA has dropped to the appalling position of 24th in the health of its children (but the USA is now first in vaccine compliance through government mandates). Does this make you nervous too?
Vaccinated children have 2 to 5 times MORE DISEASES & DISORDERS than unvaccinated children. That's amazing considering the fact that vaccines are supposed to help your immune system and health but yet studies show the opposite. Vaccinated kids are more likely to have: allergies, asthma/chronic bronchitis, neurodermatisis, herpes, otitis media, hay fever, hyperactivity, scoliosis, epilepsy/seizures, migraines, thyroid disease, diabetes mellitus.
Link to this article
True story: A school in Massachusetts had a recent flu clinic for students and the community in its gymnasium. A vaccine syringe was dropped, shattered and its contents spilled onto the floor. An evacuation of the entire gym was called and a hazardous waste protocol ensued. A hazmat team has to come in to clean the mess up when a vile is dropped.
This family had a baby who had a severe reaction to the Hep B vaccine and died only a few months old. I cry my eyes out looking at the pictures of this poor baby. I can't even imagine this happening to my child.
This story is about a baby who was having seizures from vaccines but the doctors and hospital staff kept telling her it had nothing to do with the vaccines and ignored her. The baby ended up not making it.
It says in the Bible not to mix the blood of human with the blood of animals. They are doing just that with Vaccines. They are injecting animal DNA into humans. Scientist are now finding out that these vaccines are actually altering our DNA. Maybe that's why we have more aggressive/animalistic characteristics now.
I admit, I do get nervous sometimes and think how sad it would be if my son did catch one of these diseases but our lives are in God's hands. It is up to Him what happens to us. 
One mothers story that convinced her she was doing the right thing by not vaccinating:
I took my younger sister to the ER, while we were waiting in the waiting area, a young girl probably 15 yrs old, was brought in on a stretcher. I thought she might have been in car accident the way she looked. I overheard her Mother tell the nurse at the window that she received a flu shot then collapsed in the store. I'm assuming she got the shot at a grocery store instead of a doctors office which is disturbing in itself. But anyways, The young woman was shaking, eyes rolling in the back of her head, sweating like crazy, and looked out of it. She was a black girl but her face was pale! Like she was loosing the color in her skin. She looked like she was on deaths doorstep. She wasn't even a priority! She waiting in the waiting room looking out of it and shaking and sweating uncontrollably for HOURS before she was called back. The whole time I just kept thinking how bad I felt for that young girl and how her Mom probably doesn't even know the dangers of what she just allowed her daughter to do. I hope it opened up her eyes and they don't make the same mistake twice. I asked God for a sign and he gave me one.
It is up to us as parents to do what is best for our children. If you feel that vaccines is what is best then go for it but understand the risks you are taking by doing it. If you feel that vaccines are not safe then we shouldn't be harassed and called names for something we believe because its different from the majority. Go with your gut feelings, mothers intuition, God's voice (whatever you want to call it) and do what you feel is right for you & your family.
Educate yourself and you will be surprised what you find out.
Ever wonder why doctors can’t find the cause for many diseases? It’s because they are conditioned to ignore the relationship between illness and vaccines. These are some of the diseases that have documented associations with vaccines:
• Allergies and eczema
• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Autism
• Acid reflux requiring an infant to take proton pump inhibitors, which have many side effects
• Cancer
• Diabetes (infant and childhood)
• Kidney disease
• Miscarriages
• Long list of neurological and autoimmune diseases
• Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
• And many, many more
These are some known vaccine side effects, documented in medical literature and/or in package inserts:
• Arthritis, bleeding disorders, blood clots, heart attacks, sepsis
• Ear infections
• Fainting (with reports of broken bones)
• Kidney failure requiring dialysis
• Seizures/epilepsy
• Severe allergic reactions, such as hives and anaphylaxis
• Sudden death
• Many common diagnoses given for hospital admissions.
• The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, (NVICP) has awarded more than $1.2 billion in
damages to children and adults injured by vaccines.
Autism is associated with vaccines.
• Autism was rare until the mass vaccination programs were accelerated in 1991, with the
introduction of the hepatitis B vaccine and the HiB (meningitis) vaccine. Tens of thousands of parents will
attest that autism appeared in their children very soon after they were given these, and other, vaccines.
• Study the information on the website www.fourteenstudies.org. You will find the studies denying the association between autism and vaccines to be highly questionable.
Drug companies, insurance companies and the medical system get rich when you get sick.
• Vaccines do not give life‐long immunity, which means booster shots are recommended.
• Each booster shot increases the risk of more side effects.
• Vaccine side effects can make you sick for the rest of your life. Conveniently, there are many drugs to treat
the side effects caused by vaccines.
• In the U.S., neither drug companies nor doctors can be sued when something bad happens from a
vaccination. Both are protected by the 1986 National Child Vaccine Injury Act. This law, signed into effect by then‐president Ronald Reagan decreed: “No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine‐related injury or death.” (Public Law 99‐660)
Many doctors and health‐care practitioners do not get vaccinated and do not vaccinate their children. Why not?
• They know vaccines are not proven to be safe or effective.
• They know vaccines contain dangerous substances.
• They know vaccines cause serious health problems.
• They have treated patients with serious side effects from vaccines.
The only people who benefit from being healthy are you and those you care about.
• Drug companies have infiltrated and seized control over the entire healthcare system, including medical schools, medical journals, hospitals, clinics and the local pharmacy. A doctor’s very livelihood thus depends on blind faith, without questioning any aspect of any vaccination. Even when obvious evidence of vaccine damage occurs right before a doctor’s eyes, s/he is usually unwilling to consider a vaccine as the cause. Though uncorrupt science and medicine support rejection of vaccines, doing so can be considered professional career suicide. 
• Hospitals benefit financially from hospitalizations and tests.
• Drug companies make billions of dollars from vaccines.
• Drug companies make tens of billions of dollars from drugs given to treat side effects and life‐time illnesses caused by vaccines.
• Vaccines are the backbone of the medical system. Without vaccines, healthcare costs would go down because we would have a healthier overall society. We have exchanged chicken pox for autism, flu for asthma, ear infections for diabetes. The list goes on and on. In the zeal to eliminate a short list of relatively benign microbes, we have traded temporary illnesses for pervasive, life‐long diseases, disorders, dysfunctions and disabilities.
How many vaccines are there?
• If U.S. children receive all doses of all vaccines, they are injected with up to 35 shots that contain 113 different kinds of disease particles, 59 different chemicals, four types of animal cells/DNA, human DNA from aborted fetal tissue and human albumin.
• If you think you don’t have to worry about vaccines because your children are older, think again. There are at least 20 more vaccines currently in the development pipeline for release in the next few years, mostly targeting adolescents and adults.
Some Vaccine Ingredients: How is it possible that vaccines will not be harmful to your health?
• Stray viruses and bacteria from the animal cell cultures that vaccines are made in.
• Mercury, a well‐documented neurotoxin, is still in the multi‐dose flu vaccines throughout the world. Trace
amounts remain in several other vaccines.
• Aluminum, a poison that can cause bone, bone marrow and brain degeneration.
• Animal cells from monkeys, dog kidneys, chickens, cows, and humans.
• Formaldehyde (embalming fluid), a known carcinogen.
• Polysorbate 80, known to cause infertility in female mice and testicular atrophy in male mice.
• Gelatin, from pigs and cows, known to cause anaphylactic reactions, is found in large quantities in the
MMR, chickenpox and shingles vaccines.
• Monosodium glutamate (MSG) in inhaled flu vaccines, is known to cause metabolic disturbances (e.g.
diabetes), seizures and other neurologic disorders.
Conflicts of Interest
• The same people who make rules and recommendations about vaccination profit from vaccine sales. For example, Dr. Julie Gerberding, who was in charge of the CDC for eight years, is now the President of Merck Vaccines. Dr. Paul Offit, a member of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice(ACIP), developed and patented his own vaccine.
• According to the CDC, the average U.S. 10‐doctor pediatric group has over $100,000 of vaccine inventory in their office to sell. These doctors make money from office visits and from giving your children vaccines, and also from follow up office visits for assessing reactions.
• U.S. pediatricians reportedly make quarterly bonuses from the HMOs they work for by maintaining high vaccination rates in their practices and have reportedly been reprimanded by insurance companies if their vaccination rates fall.
Is there any research that shows the difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated children?
The Cal‐Oregon project sponsored by Generation Rescue surveyed parents of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated U.S. children. Of the 17,674 children included in the survey, the results showed:
• Vaccinated children had 120% more asthma.
• Vaccinated boys had 317% more ADHD.
• Vaccinated boys had 185% more neurologic disorders.
• Vaccinated boys had 146% more autism.
Girls represented only 20% of the total number of children in the survey. To read the full study for yourself, go to
www.generationrescue.org/pdf/survey.pdf. To read a report on the low incidence of autism among unvaccinated Amish children go to http://www.vaccinationcouncil.org/quick‐compare‐2. More studies on autism are found here
Vaccine Exemptions in the U.S.
• You do have the right to refuse. Use it.
• Your child does not have to be vaccinated to attend public school.
• Every state has exemptions giving you the right to refuse unwanted vaccines. http://exemptmychild.com/10752
• Find a healthcare provider who agrees with your choice to not vaccinate and will respect you at
Many choose health and safety by saying no to vaccines.
• Groups that generally do not vaccinate include holistic practitioners, chiropractors, parents who home school, and those who belong to certain religions.
• Thousands of testimonies written by parents of non‐vaccinated children about the state of their children’s robust health are available many places online.
• Vaccination decisions are between you and your spouse/partner. No one else needs to know. It is not the business of your family members, your neighbors, or your in‐laws.
To have vibrant health, you will need to take the initiative to learn some new things.
• The safe choice is to say no to vaccines. You have control over health choices you make for yourself and your children. You have no control over the outcome of a vaccination.
• You do not need a pediatrician to simply weigh and measure your child and give shots. Consider a naturopathic doctor, a pediatric chiropractor, a doctor of oriental medicine, or a homeopathic doctor. You may find that family doctors of osteopathic medicine are more open‐minded about vaccine‐free choices.
• Babies are born with powerful, natural defenses. If this were not so, all would die shortly after birth. Enormous cascades of complex immune processes start with the first cry. This needs to occur naturally, without the interruption caused by the injections of toxic substances.
• Learn about the “vaccine preventable” diseases. Your children will never come in contact with most of them and if they do, nearly all healthy and unvaccinated children recover uneventfully, with long term immunity. Health cannot come through a needle.
• Learn about the importance of fever, how to take care of it at home and when it is time to call the doctor. Most fevers resolve on their own, with care and support, in just a few hours. www.drtenpenny.com/fever.aspx
• Understand that your child can be vaccinated and still contract the illness you are wishing to prevent. Vaccines may not provide the protection that people assume they do. Health cannot come through a needle.
• Learn that the primary keys to health are good nutrition, pure water, adequate sleep, routine exercise and happiness.
• Learn some simple information about vitamins, especially the critically important information about vitamin D3. Learn how to use basic herbs and basic homeopathy for health and for addressing minor illnesses.
• Learn more than your doctor about vaccines. Your medical doctor has probably never read anything about vaccines except drug‐company and CDC‐sponsored publications that support their use.
• Know that healthcare is something you pay for; sick care is covered by insurance. Your insurance will pay for drugs and vaccines.
• Budget accordingly to stay healthy. Your life depends on it.
Web resources for more information and help
• International Medical Council on Vaccination (free webinars) www.vaccinationcouncil.org
• Example IMCV regional sites www.imcv‐wi.org, www.imcv‐me.org
• Dr. Sherri Tenpenny www.drtenpenny.com, Facebook www.facebook.com/vaccineinfo
• ThinkTwice Global Vaccine Institute www.thinktwice.com
• Vaccination Liberation www.vaclib.org
• U.S. doctors who don’t vaccinate www.novaxdoctors.webs.com
• Holistic Moms www.holisticmoms.org
• Moms Like Me www.momslikeme.com
Books for more information and a place to start
• Saying No To Vaccines – Sherri Tenpenny, DO
• Make an Informed Vaccine Decision For the Health of Your Child – Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH
• Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? – Neil Miller
• Child Health Guide – Randall Neustaedter
Our babies little bodies don't need their beautiful little immune system screwed up. If there are breastfed or drink donor breastmilk they are getting a great amount of antibodies strengthening their immune system to help them fight an illness if it occurs. What is in the vaccines is what makes me not vax and that the fact that you get sick after injected.  Usually the ones who get vaxd end up being more likely to get what they were being vaxd for.  The kicker for us is the companies who make the vaccines are almost always the ones who make the medication to "help u get better"...it's a vicious, corporate greed driven, cycle!  
That's why vaxing is a personal decision for my family and should be accepted as a personal decision in society. We are educated and have researched enough to know that the risk of my child having an adverse reaction to a vaccine is far more likely than him getting the disease/sickness itself.  Eating fresh vitamin filled foods, having good hygiene, getting enough rest, living a stress-less life...this is what keeps us healthy!
Jason and Maryjane Fisher
I came across a lot of this info, I looked thru it and tailored it to me/my family, so feel free to do the same!  I'm ready to go if anyone ever asks me why ;) ~Mj